Thursday, July 14, 2016

How I Changed My Attitude to Gratitude

Some days are harder than others, for all the wrong reasons. One computer isn't working, and the espresso machine broke down. It's times like this when I have to remind myself these are first-world problems. Truly not a big deal, right? Yet, I'm human. I feel impatient with both the computer and the espresso machine. 

How do I turn my attitude around? By reflecting on gratitude. There is no shortage of places in my life where I feel gratitude, so for today's attitude adjustment I'll express gratitude for the writers of Grief Diaries: Living with a Brain Injury

As we prepare a book for publication, I'm all in . . . my heart and soul, and every waking moment is spent seeing the incredible true stories come to fruition. Brenda and Carol who were both diagnosed with meningioma brain tumors, are sharing their journeys in the book. And then there is Stephanie who, at age 14, woke up from a 2-month coma only to find herself unable to walk. She now runs marathons. There is Amy, Lauren, Nancy, Matt, Jordan, PJ, Sue, Jewel, and Wendy who all suffered life-changing traumatic brain injuries. And then there is Carol, LiAne and Steve who walk a journey I know all too well: life after stroke. 

With all these writers sharing their heartfelt stories, I can't help but marvel at their resiliency. And suddenly my gratitude tank fills to the brim. Instant attitude adjustment - from impatience at an espresso machine to feeling grateful for all I have.

No matter whether we face first-world or third-world problems, our impatience and irritation are natural reactions. But it's not hard to bring them back into perspective. 

It's been said that a grateful heart is a happy heart. I believe this to be true. So next time I'm struggling with an attitude adjustment, looking beyond the edge of my own world into someone else's journey, and admiring them for being so brave, is a quick fix and - for me - works every time. XOXO

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